MotoGP Thailand Weather Buriram: Between floods and typhoon, we are worried…

It looks like, like the Japanese Grand Prix weekend last week, the Thai Grand Prix won’t escape the rain. In fact, the protagonists of MotoGP discovered it on Wednesday when they arrived in Buriram, and not a short shower at the end of the day, as is often the case in these regions at this time.

No, a good heavy rain that lasted all day, forcing most MotoGP riders to give up local tourism and stay in the hotel where they are all staying: Prolonged meals, naps and parties of laughs in the corridors were at the program, but the rain lasted all day on fields that had already turned into lakes. It also lasted all night and turned this morning around 8 a.m. local into a little Breton drizzle.

All this did not amuse the pilots, but it amuses even less the organization which is beginning to seriously worry bad weather that the locals describe as “never seen” and which are only the consequence of a typhoon of which Japan does not have a monopoly.

This one is called noru and arrives via Vietnam, which it touched on Wednesday. It is expected to weaken into a tropical storm and move across Laos then southward. northeast thailand thursday. It was therefore advised that the vast majority of cities, including Buriram, prepare for heavy rainfall from the storm.

Credit: Bangkok Post

We will therefore see tomorrow if the sessions can take place normally or if postponements will be decided, but whatever the case, if we drive, it will be in the wet…