The violent attack on Domenech

The violent attack on Domenech
The violent attack on Domenech

Renowned for his tough game when he was a player, Raymond Domenech did not do it on purpose, according to Alain Couriol…

As a coach, Raymond Domenech hardly left good memories. Whether on the bench of Olympique Lyonnais, his results even making him the worst coach of the Aulas era, at the head of the Espoirs, where despite several golden generations the Bleuets have never performed, or that of the ‘French team. And this despite the final of the 2006 World Cup. But all the Blues agree that the tricolor coach did not decide much, Zinedine Zidane and the other executives having quickly taken things in hand.

The Knysna strike, on the other hand, is an indelible task and the former internationals, from Zidane to Pires via Evra or Giuly, do not hesitate to say all the bad things they think of the Lyonnais. His career as a player arouses much less ridicule. His 432 matches in the elite, at Olympique Lyonnais, Strasbourg, Bordeaux as well as at PSG, plead for him. As well as his two titles of champions of France (1979, 1984) and his victory in the Coupe de France (1982).

Raymond Domenech left the memory of a hard defender on the man, well in his time. And if in the end, he received only four red cards in his career, it is largely thanks to the leniency of the referees, much more tolerant than today. But according to Alain Couriol, former PSG player, this hard game was not wanted… “Raymond Domenech was not mean, he was clumsy”he recently confided in the columns of The Team. And a good reason explains this awkwardness in his opinion: “He was clumsy because he was no good. » The interested party will appreciate…

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