MotoGP Japan Motegi: Typhoon approaching but optimistic forecasts…

A Japanese Grand Prix without a typhoon warning wouldn’t really be a Japanese Grand Prix, and this 2022 edition is no exception to the rule.

Nanmadol, classified as a super typhoon by the United States Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC), a term applied to storms with sustained wind speeds of 240 km / h, last Sunday hit Kyushu, the southernmost of the four main islands. of Japan with strong gusts of wind and heavy rain, causing four deaths and over one hundred injuries despite evacuation orders being issued. Incidentally, it also delayed Monday all the flights of the participants of the MotoGP world championship bound for Japan as well as the cargo planes necessary for the transport of the material.

Today, it is his little brother who is slowly approaching, still from the South of Japan. It’s much smaller and hasn’t even been given a name yet, and it’s expected to evacuate with less intensity as it skirts the northeast coast of Japan.

It is currently raining in Motegi and it should rain there at least occasionally until Saturday evening, but the meteorologists anticipate a lull for Sunday, which gives us hope for a dry race.

This hardly disturbs the MotoGP riders, like Fabio Quartararo who said ” I think now there is really no reason to be afraid of a race in the wet” thanks to the high grip of the Japanese circuit.

Illustrations: © Japan Meteorological Agency

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