TF1 reacts and regrets this decision

TF1 reacts and regrets this decision
TF1 reacts and regrets this decision

Canal+ wins the first legal round: TF1 reacts and regrets this decision

TF1 loses its first legal step against Canal+ which stopped the broadcasting of its channels, and shows its disagreement with this decision.

We announced to you this afternoon that following the decision of the commercial court, Canal+ had no obligation to take over the free channels of the TF1 Group.

The Martin Bouygues Group has just reacted and indicates that it “regrets the decision of the judge in chambers of the Paris Commercial Court who did not see the urgency of preserving the interests of viewers who use the TNTSAT service so that they are not – as underlined by the President of the ‘ARCOM recently – held hostage to a trade dispute that doesn’t involve this service. So as not to leave households that only have TNTSAT to receive their DTT channels unresolved, the TF1 group has decided to bring the case before the Paris Court of Appeal; this should be decided very soon”

As a reminder, since September 2, the Canal+ group has stopped broadcasting the channels and services of the TF1 group to its 5.4 million Canal+ and MyCanal subscribers and the 2 million homes equipped with TNTSAT which receive satellite television. in the white areas. The reason given by the Canal+ Group is that TF1 has greatly increased the license fee for broadcasting its free channels.

TF1 indicates that the channels in its group “are distributed by all of the distributors FREE, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, Orange, Molotov and Salto, and that the TF1 group has renewed all of these agreements on the basis of general conditions also offered to Canal+, Canal+ has not did not wish to enter into a new distribution contract with the TF1 group. The Canal+ group thus chooses to deprive its subscribers of channels and services that are included in their subscription.

And specify that “this distribution agreement in no way concerns the distribution of the channels via TNTSAT; in fact, this service is offered by the Canal+ group to consumers as an independent offer, independent of subscriptions to the group’s other paying offers; the Group regrets that the Commercial Court did not take this into account.”

According to TF1 “Canal+ is fully authorized to continue broadcasting the channels on TNTSAT, this service not giving rise to any remuneration for the benefit of TF1. As a result, the TF1 group had summoned the Canal+ group for interim measures before the Paris Commercial Court so that the Canal+ group restores the TNTSAT service as quickly as possible, which concerns nearly 2 million households, particularly located in white areas that do not have other ways to access television.”

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