Russia – West: what nuclear balance of power?

Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened the West by saying that Moscow would use “all means to protect Russia”, nuclear included. Because according to the Russian president, the West wants to “destroy Russia”.

Since the end of the Cold War, the United States and Russia have reduced their nuclear arsenals respectively. According to the Association for Arms Control, Russia has 6,257 nuclear missiles against 5,550 for the United States.

According to figures from the Federation of American Scientists, the combined arsenal of the two countries represents 90% of the world’s nuclear warheads.

France, Europe’s leading nuclear power, is said to have 290, slightly more than the United Kingdom, which has 225. According to the BBC, the exact number of nuclear missiles in the possession of each country remains impossible to assess precisely since countries can keep secret. This is why these numbers remain estimates.

France in seventh position

All of these nations also have nuclear missile-launching submarines that criss-cross the ocean and serve to deter the enemy. Militarily, the United States dominates the field with more than 1.4 million soldiers, 450,000 reservists, 13,000 combat and transport aircraft, 6,600 tanks and 1,300 missile launchers.

Russia would have 850,000 soldiers, 300,000 reservists, 12,000 tanks, 3,400 missile launchers and 4,000 aircraft.

Seventh in the ranking, well after China and India, France has 200,000 soldiers and 35,000 reservists. In the United Kingdom, 194,000 soldiers can be mobilized and the number of reservists is 37,000.

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