The strong growth of ESN and ICT over 5 years

The strong growth of ESN and ICT over 5 years
The strong growth of ESN and ICT over 5 years

At a time when companies are facing a shortage of talent, particularly in tech, the recruitment and retention of employees are at the heart of the concerns to support the digital transformation of the French economy. This race for talent does not spare ESN and ICT.

In this context, the recruitment objectives for 2022 are up sharply compared to 2021: +24% for Large Companies compared to 2021, +34% for ETIs, +45% for SMEs and +106 % for VSEs. The 3-year recruitment outlook (2022-2024) even reflects a clear acceleration of the sector’s ambitions with +64% for Large Companies, +111% for ETIs, +135% for SMEs and +340% for VSEs .

While 89% of companies are confident in their ability to meet their 3-year recruitment objectives, they are making substantial investments in training and retaining talent: 4.2% of payroll will be devoted to actions of training in 2022 and 49% of companies rely on salary increases to retain their employees. In addition, 19% of companies are turning to differentiating actions (number of days of telework, social benefits, flex office, etc.) in line with the new expectations of employees.

With an average starting salary of 35,656 euros, women supplant men and represent 34% of recruitments made, up 4% compared to 2020 within ESN and ICT. It is the entire wage bill that benefits from the growth of the sector, with a 5% increase in wages observed in 2021.

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