After Jenifer, Pascal Obispo also attacks France Gall

After Jenifer, Pascal Obispo also attacks France Gall
After Jenifer, Pascal Obispo also attacks France Gall

Assumed fan of Michel Polnareff, Pascal Obispo does not lack admiration for another Michel, Berger that one. So much so that the singer will, at the end of the 90s, go to France Gall who shared his life and his music, and offer him some titles in order to pay homage and to salute the career of the artist who died tragically in 1992 from a heart attack. But the singer declines. “France, very kindly, approached the piano and said this sentence to me, which is a bit like the gimmick of this story: “Yes it’s Michel, but it’s not Michel”. I took that as a huge compliment, I did my job well, maybe too well“he explained on the airwaves of RTL.

With “France”, Pascal Obispo then re-recorded the album composed for France Gall, which contains several unreleased tracks, approaching the spirit of production of Michel Berger’s albums from the end of the 1970s. And the Bordelais decided to make the pleasure last by announcing today a reissue of his album. Entitled “Histoires 2 France”, this new edition will contain a bonus CD containing 13 covers of hits by the interpreter of Babacar, including the timeless “Music”, “The declaration of love”, “He played the piano upright”, “Evidemment ” or “Babacar”. “A particular album in his discography; a fan record, but not only, as often with Pascal Obispo” can we read in a press release: “A limited edition which closes this beautiful adventure by returning to the starting point, the essence of France and thus closing the loop “. A reissue that will be released on October 21.

Pascal Obispo is not the first to want to pay tribute to France Gall. A few years ago, Jenifer was also in the covers of the hits of the singer. But the story had gone less well for the winner of the Star Academy who had been very hurt by violent remarks from the former companion of Michel Berger.


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