The Revenant Director’s Netflix Film Reveals in Out-of-Date Trailer

The Revenant Director’s Netflix Film Reveals in Out-of-Date Trailer
The Revenant Director’s Netflix Film Reveals in Out-of-Date Trailer

Alejandro González Iñarrituthe director of the Revenantunveils with Netflix the hovering trailer of bardohis new introspective drama.

Whether we like or dislike the work of the multi-Oscar-winning director, Iñárritu has always shaped images that belong only to him. His way of composing his plans, of thinking his frame with a fluid and always moving camera reached in the Revenant or birdman jaw-dropping heights of technical prowess.

With his latest project in the pipeline from Netflix, the filmmaker has set about delve into his past to give birth to a work of fiction with autobiographical overtones. A trend that is emerging more and more among seasoned directors: Steven Spielberg (The Fabelmans), James Gray (Armageddon Time) via Paul Thomas Anderson (Licorice Pizza). But while all these works have already been shown, it is now the turn of Bardo, false chronicle of some truths to reveal themselves in a trailer.

It would seem that the director has not lost his taste for his style. On the contrary, its visual identity transpires from each of the plans of this trailer, with this distorting short focal length. A device that brings a touch of fantasy and quirkiness to a story which, for once, intends to break the barrier of reality with moments of completely hallucinated daydreams (or nightmares).

Iñárritu intends to put his staging at the service of a scenario which sees a famous Mexican journalist and documentary filmmaker returning to the country. Struck by an existential crisis, while he is grappling with the whole world as much as with himself, the madness of his memories will become embedded in his daily life to overwhelm him in moments of bewilderment and wonder. .

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With a mountain of talent at the service of the director, including Darius Khondji, renowned director of photography, the technical challenge is ambitious. And to see the first opinions of bardoIt seems like the visual experience is worth seeing. It remains to be seen whether all this technicality will be at the service of a story that is too navel-gazing to attract us or whether the staging (potentially heavily symbolic) will be nothing more than bluster.

So if you too can’t wait to dive into this fabulous emulsion signed Netflix and Iñárritu, we give you an appointment December 16, 2022 on the platform.

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