here are all the connections between his different films

We know that Quentin Tarantino likes to connect his different films a lot. Each of his works is in connection with another. Which gives an unexpected and unknown connected universe between his different films. Especially since the director has always argued that there were two different universes within his films: a so-called real universe, and a more cinematic universe. Here is a list of all the easter eggs that have slipped into the filmography of the great Quentin Tarantino. Here is the Tarantinoverse.

Two distinct universes

Before we begin, we need to clarify an important point. In ten films, Quentin Tarantino has created two different cinematic universes. All his films form a big whole, since the real universe and the cinematographic universe are themselves connected. It’s very simple, and we may not necessarily know it, but Quentin Tarantino hides a colossal amount of easter eggs in his various films.

But rather than getting lost in long explanations, we will let the maestro speak for himself:

There are actually two universes that are separate. There is the real universe and the cinematic universe. The first is the one in which the real life characters evolve. The second is a special universe made up of films, like Kill Bill or One Night in Hell. So when characters from Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction go to the movies, they go to see Kill Bill or One Night in Hell.

Now that this detail is clarified, it’s time to tackle the big chunk of this article: the various easter eggs left here and there by Quentin Tarantino throughout his career.

Reservoir Dogs

Released in 1992, Reservoir Dogs is Quentin Tarantino’s first official feature film.. And this film is full of anecdotes and easter eggs. Already, and this is undoubtedly the most famous nod to his entire filmography, Vic Vega, aka Mr Yellow, the character played by Michael Madsen, is the brother of Vincent Vega, the character portrayed by John Travolta in pulp Fiction. A connection between the two quite famous characters. Fans have even, for a long time, demanded a film entirely dedicated to the two brothers, but QT never wanted to take the step.

Reservoir Dogs and pulp Fiction maintain other connections. For example, did you know that the character of Mr White played by Harvey Keitel goes by the name of Larry Dimmick ? And in pulp Fictionthe character played by Quentin Tarantino himself is called Jimmy Dimmick. It doesn’t take much for many fans to consider the two characters as brothers too.

Finally, if you think Mr Pink, played by Steve Buscemi, survived the police at the end of Reservoir Dogsthe most observant will have noticed that the actor makes a short appearance in pulp Fiction as the waiter dressed as Buddy Holly in the dinner scene between Mia and Vincent. So it could just be the same character.

true romance

If the film released in 1993 is directed by Tony Scottit’s good Quentin Tarantino who wrote the screenplay. As usual, the filmmaker had fun leaving a few easter eggs. For example, during a discussion in Reservoir DogsMr White talks about a call girl he loved named Alabama. The same Alabama as the character of Patricia Arquette in true romance.

Other connection, with Inglourious Basterds this time. Floyd, the teenager high on weed from morning to night played by Brad Pitt is the grandson of Lieutenant Aldo Rainealso played by Brad Pitt in Inglourious Basterds.

pulp Fiction

Comedian Venessia Valentino, who plays Bonnie Situation, is mentioned in true romance. She was also to appear in Reservoir Dogs, but was cut during editing.

Another reference, better known this time. When Mia (Uma Thurman) and Vincent (John Travolta) have dinner together, the young woman, who wants to become an actress, talks about a casting she recently passed. She says the story centered on female secret agents called Fox Force 5. She says there was a blonde, a Japanese woman who specialized in kung fu, a black girl who was an expert in explosives, a French woman who was very addicted to sex and that she had to play the most dangerous woman in the world with a knife. Does it remind you of anything? Well that’s the pitch of Kill Bill. A film in which Uma Thurman held the main role. The more meta you die.

A Night in Hell

Directed by Robert Rodríguez, A Night in Hell was written by both directors, with Quentin Tarantino playing one of the lead roles. The adventures of the Gecko brothers are linked to Kill Bill, Boulevard of Death and Planet Terror. In effect, comedian Earl McGraw plays a sheriff in the four films mentioned above.

The vampire feature is also tied to Cold blood, a film released in 1996 and produced by Quentin Tarantino. The actress Esmeralda Villaloboswho plays a crime scene cleaner, spots portraits of Richie and Seth Gecko who appear briefly as part of a television show hosted by Katie Houge, a journalist who also makes a cameo in A Night in Hell.

Finally, the restaurant chain Big Kahuna Burger also appears in A Night in Hell. A fictional fast food chain, which can also be found in pulp Fiction and in Reservoir Dogs, and which is mentioned in Boulevard of Death. It’s a bit like Pizza Planet, but at Quentin Tarantino.

Jackie Brown

It is undoubtedly the film least connected to the universe of Quentin Tarantino. Adapted from a novel by Elmore Leonard, we can however notice a few discreet easter eggs. For example, the heroine of the film eats at Teriyaki Donuta restaurant chain that can also be seen in pulp Fiction. Similarly, the protagonist’s car, a gray Honda Civicis the same as that which is used by Marsellus in pulp Fiction. You can also notice the vehicle parked in a parking lot Kill Bill: Volume 2.

Another connection, but this time with another film. Inspector Ray Nicoletteembodied by Michael Keaton appears in another film: Out of reach. Always camped by Michael Keaton, it is logical that this character appears in Steven Soderbergh’s film since Out of reach is also an adaptation of a novel by Elmore Leonard.

Kill Bill

Not much here. We can, however, cite the Red Apple brand of cigaretteswhich appears in Kill Billbut also in Pulp Fiction, Inglourious Basterds or in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

According to a theory that has never been confirmed by Tarantino, Rufus, the pianist of Kill Bill: Volume 2 would actually be Julesthe famous killer of pulp Fictionwho had vowed to live free at the end of the film.

Boulevard of Death

When the characters go to pick up Zoe Bell at the airport, it is discovered that her character has borrowed the company Air O, of Japanese descent. A company that we can obviously see in Kill Bill. We also find our good old sheriff played by Earl McGraw.

Inglourious Basterds

The lieutenant embodied by Michael Fassbender is a descendant of Pete Hicox the Englishmanthe protagonist played by Tim Roth in The Hateful Eight.

Likewise, Donnie Donowitz, aka the Jewish Bear, played by Eli Roth, is the father of Lee Donowitz, the character played by Saul Rubinek in true romance.

Django Unchained

Captain Koons in pulp Fiction, played by Christopher Walken, is a descendant of Crazy Craig Koons, one of Smitty Bascall’s gang members. In this same gang, the guy who exclaims “Ain’t no nigga gonna kill Maynard” is a ancestor of Zed’s buddy in pulp Fictionwith whom he sodomizes poor victims in his cellar.

Then in Kill Billthe character of Uma Thurman is buried alive in a coffin. The latter is that of Paula Schultz, who died in 1898. She would therefore be the wife of Dr King Schultz, the character of Christoph Waltz.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

When Cliff and Rick return from Italy, they pass a blue mosaic. The same mosaic that Jackie Brown walks in front of when the film opens.

So much for the little overview of the Tarantinoverse. We let you tell us in the comments if some easter eggs have escaped us.

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