Mel Gibson gives good news of the film scheduled for 2023

On 09/22/2022 at 10:33

By Henry Swanson

Lethal Weapon 5 will there really be a day now that Mel Gibson is 66 years old and Danny Glover 76 years old?

Announced for years, the film was to be directed by Richard Donner (director of the first 4 the lethal Weapon but also Goonies and Superman 1 and 2 with Christopher Reeve) but following his death in 2021, the project seemed to give up. It was without counting on ex-Mad Max.

In promotion for his film Bandit with Josh Duhamel, Mel Gibson maintains that the scenario is written and that the shooting could start at the beginning of 2023.

HAS Entertainment WeeklyGibson said last February: “Yes I will direct the film. I can’t wait. I wish I hadn’t realized it and Richard Donner was there to do it but he left us… Of course I called Danny (Glover) and asked him “hey man, that do you mind if I realize?” He said to me “but go ahead, let’s go!”“.

At ScreenRant, Mel Gibson has just confirmed: “The film is taking shape really well. We have a great script that I was able to develop. Richard Donner of course initiated it with Richard Wenk and they had an excellent base. I had the honor of collaborating with the screenwriter after the death of Richard Donner, of writing other versions keeping the spirit of what Richard Donner wanted, especially since I didn’t know him so well. We tried to stay true to his vision. We are very happy with the result“.

But then why this constant postponement of the start of filming? Mel Gibson confides that this delay is explained by the takeover of Warner which produces the film. “The delay is due to the Warner reshuffle, with the arrival of Discovery and new bosses who are firing people and hiring new ones. It always takes time for this kind of business to refocus. But I’m very confident with this film. We will probably shoot in early 2023“.

The lethal Weapon

The latest film directed by Mel Gibson is You will not kill with Andrew Garfield released in 2016.

Lethal Weapon 5 will mark the farewell of Richard Donner, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover to one of the most iconic buddy cop movies in cinematic history.

Bandit trailer with Mel Gibson and Josh Duhamel:

The lethal Weapon

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