Abou (LBDC) trapped by his ex-wife, he recounts his ordeal

Abou (LBDC) trapped by his ex-wife, he recounts his ordeal
Abou (LBDC) trapped by his ex-wife, he recounts his ordeal


– Posted on 14 Sep 2022 at 12:04

During an interview with Sam Zirah, Abou confided in his descent into hell. He discovered his wife “without a veil, in a thong, with her ring on her finger”.

Abou and Léana seemed to spin the perfect love on their social networks. Discovered in La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 6, Leana and Abou finally separated on the set of The Battle of Couples 3, an announcement that surprised more than one. However, the sports coach quickly found love again and even had ” a thunderbolt for a young woman. He then explained that he had married religiously and had abandoned social networks for love. Unfortunately, this idyll ended in a tragic way and Abou lived a real nightmare.

During an interview with Sam Zirah for “In complete privacy“, broadcast on the YouTube channel, the former reality TV candidate returned to the ordeal he experienced. As he explains, this young woman reached out to her and they quickly had a connection. spiritual“, advocating the same values ​​on religion. They prayed together, they did everything together. They preserved themselves until the religious marriage, not even ” a kiss ” nothing, he assured. But this young woman, of a morbid jealousy” , and that ” never worked“, manipulated him. He got tricked by ” her beauty and her religion“.

Abou: “He tells me ‘I slept with her during Ramadan'”

But one day, everything changed. ” On May 16, my birthday, I suddenly wake up, and I think I don’t know why, I have to go to his Snap to see the blocked accounts. I see six guys stuck. I contact one of the guys and I fall 10 floors, but I stay with her, I believed her”, he explained, before specifying :He tells me ‘I slept with her during Ramadan’ and he sends me proofs, of my wife, without a veil, in a thong on a bed, smoking a shisha, with my ring on her finger. He sends me pictures from vacation in November, pictures of the Uber he paid for her at 2 a.m. »

In the end, even if he has doubts, Abou stays with her. And she will continue to manipulate him. He feels bad and starts to feel guilty, so he loses weight. And contacting a second man on Snapchat is the ” descent into hell“. While he was going to pick up his wife at the station with a bouquet of flowers, the latter had gone to cheat on him. Her lover even sent her a video of their antics. He then sank and lost more than 15 kilos. He had two hospital stays and put his life in danger. This forty-minute interview is heartbreaking. And if now, Abou has regained the hair of the beast, he remains marked by this terrible story.

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