Signs sent by the queen from beyond? She is sure of it!

Signs sent by the queen from beyond? She is sure of it!
Signs sent by the queen from beyond? She is sure of it!

This Thursday September 22 was a very special day for Kate Middleton and Prince William. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who became Prince and Princess of Wales, made their first official outing since the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. It was in Windsor that the parents of George, 9, Charlotte, 7, and Louis, 4, traveled. On site, they were able to meet members of staff and volunteers who worked during the funeral of the Sovereign organized on September 19.

True to themselves and despite the grief still present after the disappearance of Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton and Prince William have multiplied the smiles and friendly gestures towards their interlocutors. They even discussed some very specific events that the public and Internet users had noticed, just minutes after the announcement of the Queen’s death.

As a reminder, while the royal family’s Twitter and Instagram accounts had just announced the worst, London, in the pouring rain, was finally illuminated by cloud thinnings. Better, two rainbows had appeared very close to Buckingham Palace. An incredible coincidence that has not escaped anyone, not even Kate Middleton!

In talking with the staff met that day, the Duchess of Cambridge returned to this meteorological phenomenon far from being trivial for her. At the same time, at Balmoral in Scotland where Elizabeth II…

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