his sister Judith gets rid of a painful family secret

his sister Judith gets rid of a painful family secret
his sister Judith gets rid of a painful family secret

Judith Elmaleh was invited to RTL on September 22 to present her novel Une Reine. Alongside her brother, Gad Elmaleh, she told a big family secret about her origins.

It’s certain RTLthis Thursday, September 22 that Judith Elmaleh has decided to present his first novel entitled A queento the editions Robert Laffont. Like his brother, Gad Elmaleh who was often inspired by his family life and those close to her to write her shows, Judith Elmaleh has based on her grandmother’s journey to write this novel. Many revelations were made on the set of RTL including painful family secrets. Moreover, Judith and Gad Elmaleh were together on the set to talk about it, with that foolproof touch of humor that we know Gad to make the pill pass more easily surely.

This first novel by the director tells the story of her grandmother who was forcibly married to her uncle at age 14. “We had lived in a crazy family anyway”, had expressed the humorist Gad Elmaleh beginning his explanation. “That is to say, my grandfather, married a woman, who said to his niece, ‘come marry my husband’“, had entrusted the comedian of 51 years. “And for me, that woman who was the first woman was my great-grandmother. Not at all! It was just my grandmother’s aunt“, he added during his explanation. “If there are any questions, you write to us …”, had joked Gad Elmaleh by insinuating that the situation was visibly complicated.

Judith Elmaleh: “She didn’t understand that the party was her wedding”

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VIDEO – Gad Elmaleh’s Minute

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