What is the evolution of the audio book today?

What is the evolution of the audio book today?
What is the evolution of the audio book today?

The audio book has experienced a real boom in recent years, thanks to ergonomic reading materials and recent technologies. Its impressive growth opens up new avenues of reflection and broadens its target. Something to satisfy audio-readers.

What is an audiobook?

Also called audio book, the audio book is a recording read, by one or more voices, of a text, a work or a book previously published in written form. While the recording is made in a professional studio, the reading is done by the author of the work or an actor.

The audio book differs from adaptations or radio dramas, conferences, etc. It appeals for its simplicity of use and its practicality, and is suitable for different professional, social and age categories. It has experienced rapid development and its offer continues to expand over the years.

Do you want to feel strong emotions provided by the voices of the interpreters, create a cocoon of relaxation far from the visual fatigue caused by the screens or enjoy a unique moment of reading? Adopt the audiobook.

Audible: the expert in the creation and distribution of audio content

Audible, Amazon’s platform, is the leader in the production and distribution of audio content. Its library is made up of more than 600,000 audio books, podcasts and original creations, some of which are in French.

Audible audio books are suitable for all tastes: whether you enjoy novels and thrillers or want to discover a bestseller, you are bound to find what you are looking for. And why not relax with an adventure or detective work?

Audible audio books will accompany you everywhere with ease, whether you are at home, on a plane, at your place of work, in a gym, etc. They can be downloaded on different media, including smartphones, tablets and computers.

Discover the wonderful world of audio literature and escape for a while.

Audible’s trial offer

Do you want to live new literary experiences, but are still hesitating? Know that your first audio book is free on Audible.

Thus, you will benefit from 1 month of listening offered on the audio book of your choice (the book will be available for life in your library). To take advantage of it, all you have to do is create an account and follow the instructions on the screen.

Did the free trial appeal to you? Why don’t you upgrade to a paid subscription afterwards? The latter is offered at 9.95 euros per month, without obligation. You can therefore pause or terminate it at any time.

Whether you cancel the subscription or pause it, all your audiobooks will still be available.

The Audible app

To enjoy your audio books on your various trips, the Audible application will be of great help to you. It is easy to install and use, and provides access to the full library.

The Audible application adapts to the daily lives of users. It embeds features such as playback speed, standby, car mode, synchronization, extracts, etc.

All downloaded books can be listened to offline. Captivating reads, inspiring adventures and thrilling thrillers await you.

How Audible works

Audible’s operating principle is relatively simple:

  • download the application on smartphone or tablet (you can also access the platform from the computer);
  • create an account on the platform or log in via your Amazon account;
  • get 1 month free on the audiobook of your choice;
  • for 9.95 euros monthly, listen to an unlimited selection of audio books, podcasts and original creations (personal development books, great classics, recent releases of novels, etc.);
  • each month, exchange your audio credit for a title from the library (the said title will belong to you for life);
  • enjoy your audiobooks offline.

Benefits of Audible Audiobooks

Audio books are the perfect alternatives to classic books. They offer several significant advantages:

  • they simplify access to reading: they remove the barriers linked to certain disabilities (dys disorders, visual impairment, etc.);
  • they promote exchanges: they can be read by several people (ideal for sharing experiences between friends, as a couple or as a family);
  • they desacralize the relationship to languages: via educational tasks dedicated to language learners or pupils;
  • they usefully and pleasantly occupy time: you can listen to them everywhere and enjoy moments of relaxation;
  • they make it possible to better feel the emotions and intentions of the authors;
  • they highlight sound or rhythmic effects;
  • they stimulate the imagination;
  • they are practical: they can be downloaded to a tablet or smartphone.

Audible has revolutionized the field of audio content. It offers a rich library of more than 600,000 titles, to the great satisfaction of users. Enjoy 1 month of free listening today.

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