Paris: survivor of the Covid, the book market regains its momentum and launches its youth comics fair

Paris: survivor of the Covid, the book market regains its momentum and launches its youth comics fair
Paris: survivor of the Covid, the book market regains its momentum and launches its youth comics fair

“Closed due to Covid”. The memory is still burning for the booksellers accustomed to unpacking, every weekend, under the old Horse Hall of the book market on rue Brancion (15th century). Prohibited from opening by decree during the third confinement, even though bookstores had regained their status as “essential businesses” and markets, open and covered, regained citizenship, the “Old and second-hand book market” , on the fringes of the Georges-Brassens park, could be afraid of not recovering from it, after more than thirty years of existence. Paralyzed by a decree deemed absurd and contested by exhibitors, the latter had already suffered three months of closure in the spring of 2020.

And yet, this bad page, the association intends to have definitively turned it, and even to hoist the market higher than ever among the appointments of book lovers. All books, including children’s comics, including the Pages Parisiennes association, which brings together the 65 professionals regularly present and has taken over the management of the place, renamed “Marché du livre Paris”, is organizing the very first fair this weekend. end.

“We had to rejuvenate the public”

Looking in the rear view mirror, Bruno Bossard does not hide his pleasure. And his relief. “The threat is averted because we haven’t given up. We showed that we had the energy, and we were very supported, both by people, merchants, the town hall… The challenge was not only to allow the 65 booksellers to continue to work and live, but also to restore the image of the market. It may be hard to hear, but it had to be rejuvenated, and its audience rejuvenated! This one wanted something other than just dusty books, so we moved to desacralize the meeting and repopularize it. Today, we have a calendar for the year”, enthuses this passionate bookseller, who is about to receive, “in real life”, a pretty group of renowned comic book authors.

Among them, the author of “Princess Sara”, Nora Moretti, that of “Cats! “, Paola Antista, or Erroc, author of numerous series such as “Les profs” and “Les musicos”. “There are about twenty of them, confirms Bruno Bossard. It’s wonderful because this youth comic book fair was our initial project when we applied to take over the market. »

Throughout the weekend, authors, illustrators and booksellers specializing in comics offer meetings, signings and album sales. “After that, we’ll have a lot of meetings, an artists’ empty-studio on October 16, photo days in November, a cookbook fair, another for children’s books in December… The momentum is there! »

Saturday September 24 and Sunday September 25, 104, rue Brancion (XVth), from 9.30 a.m. to 6 p.m., free admission.

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