With “Sourire(s) en coin”, Jacques Mailhot offers his memoirs to the readers of La Montagne-Centre-France

Comedian native of Auvergne. Radio man recognized for his competence and his taste for scratching or even knocking out the political world. A man of letters too, through his chronicles (including in The mountain) and his books. Jacques Mailhot is all this and even more…

What we discover when reading Sourire(s) en coin (published by De Borée). A work that counts a little more than the others in the career of Jacques Mailhot, for the simple reason that it evokes in length, in width, across, even the recesses of his memory. readers of The mountain were entitled, Thursday, September 22, to some secrets about his confidences. What to cross a whole flamboyant but bygone era, “the one where everything was still allowed. ” Selected pieces…

Jacques Mailhot with readers of La Montagne. Photo Remi Dugne

“You should be a songwriter…”

“As soon as I started doing this job, Fernand Raynaud said to me: ‘You should be a songwriter. You have an approach to current affairs that I don’t have”. He was my first inspiration. The second was Pierre-Jean Vaillard, whom I saw on stage at the Théâtre des Deux Ânes, with my father. »

Wedge Ear

“I talk about it a lot in my book. The Corner Ear has always been of great intellectual demand. This show, on Inter, took me to a higher category […] We were the first to do like the comedians you listen to on morning shows now. This did not exist at the time. I did my first column on the AS Saint-Etienne slush fund which, in a way, discredited the file made by the editorial staff on the same subject (laughs).

The Royat-Chamalières book fair (Puy-de-Dôme) welcomes 75 authors to the casino theater


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Auvergne one day, Auvergne always

75288cc548.jpg“I left at 19 for Paris. I spent my whole career there, but I kept very solid bases here; thanks to my family first, then to my many high school friends. It must be said that a little turbulent… I attended all the schools in Riom… In Paris, I was very quickly approached by Valéry Giscard d’Estaing’s deputy in particular?; which made me know all the elected officials of the region?; then this very strong friendship with Michel Charasse, which anchored me even more in the territory. I am also thinking of the cooks…”

Well living

“…nIt’s true. Cooking, conviviality is like a common thread in my life. My father was quite a good man, he passed that on to us. When I arrived in Paris, Jean Herbert – who gave me the orders for Les Deux Ânes in 1995 – was president of the Académie Rabelais. All this allowed me to have links very quickly with everyone in the kitchen. Idem when I created Paris-Kiosque on France 3, I meet a gastronomic columnist who introduces me to Bernard Loiseau with whom I become very good friends. From there, we develop a whole network. And that’s how I joined the Club des 100 (gastronomic club created in 1912). Gastronomy is a big part of my life, really. »

humor today

912543cdef.jpg“Before, we believed that there was censorship but there was finally little?; the politicians didn’t care either. Today, the evolution of humor is mortgaged by lobbies. We can’t talk about anything anymore… Soon we won’t be able to say that it’s raining in Brittany. That’s why comedians talk more about themselves than what’s going on around them. »

The Varenne Foundation

“It is huge for me to be the president of this foundation. Varenne, I heard of him very young without knowing who he was. I was on vacation with my grandparents in Saint-Eloy-les-Mines. I will find out later (smile). It’s like a loop that we loop. Like when I was at the Deux Ânes at 13, I never imagined running it one day. It is a formidable foundation, which defends the freedom of the press and especially young journalists. We try to help as many people as possible, it is, I repeat, wonderful. »

Dedications. Editions De Borée organized a launch party for Jacques Mailhot’s new book last night at the Alexandre-Vialatte literary hotel in Clermont-Ferrand. The opportunity to sign the first copies (apart from those of the readers of The mountain) of Smile (s) in corner. There will be others, starting with the Royat-Chamalières book fair, in which Jacques Mailhot will take part on Sunday, October 2, at the casino theatre.

Julien Dodon and Pierre-Olivier Febvret

Photos Rémi Dugne and Fred Marquet

The article is in French

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